Tricep workout plan

If we are to talk about a good workout plan, we should include here a triceps workout plan too. A recent study reveals that, when it comes to their muscles, most men prefer to workout their biceps and abdominal muscles. This is why I feel people tend to forget about the triceps.

When thinking of massive arms, people usually think about biceps. What they forget is that biceps are smaller muscles than the triceps. Also they tend to forget that the tricep muscles can be easier to workout, since you can use several things to work them: cables, dumbbells, barbells and even your own bodyweight. The main advantage of that is that you can try any kind of exercises for your triceps. After you have realized what kind of exercise is best for you, you can start a serious triceps workout plan. But before we learn more about workout plan and tips related to this matter, letís say more about these muscles.

The Triceps Brachii has three heads called lateral, medial and long that connect the scapula bones and humerus to the ulna, the forearm bone. The most important of the three heads is the lateral one, which is the most important in the horseshoe shape of the triceps muscles. The medial one is pointed to the middle of the human body, and the last head is also the largest one, being located at the bottom side of the humerus.

But letís get to the point and say more about the triceps exercises. There are 4 most important types of exercises for this type of muscles. The first one is pulley pushdowns. This is a basic movement, which will stress the entire muscle, but especially the lateral and medial heads. Here is how you have to act to do this exercises right: to stand right, your feet must be shoulder width away, approximately 11 inches back from the handle. Then, bend your arms as much as you can, pressing your upper arms against your torso. The position must be a must while you flex the triceps.

The second type of exercises is laying barbell triceps extensions. These exercises will work mostly on the outer and medial heads. Lie on a bench, and keep your feet in such a position that will allow you a perfect balance. The arms must be extended up, above your head. The upper arms must not be moved during the exercises and during the bend of the elbows. This will allow the barbell to move downward in a semicircular move, until it will slowly touch the forehead. This movement must be reversed, using only your triceps.

The last type of triceps exercises is the standing barbell extensions. This can be considered among the most important types of exercises for triceps. The exercise includes a narrow overgrip in the middle of a weighted barbell. The weight must be moderated; the feet shoulder width apart and a perfect stand position is absolutely necessary. The upper arms must be positioned the same, while the weight is lowered behind the head, until your reach a maximum bend of the arms. Then, raise the weight back, and the exercise is done.

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