How to increase your triceps size

Many beginner bodybuilders think that by doing hundreds and hundreds of biceps curls will lead to great strong arms. What they do not know is that only 30% of their arm muscles are represented by biceps. When it comes to arm muscles, triceps are those who count more, since they form about 60% of the arm muscles. So, we are here to talk about how to increase your triceps size.

The tricep muscles are formed by three larger groups: the brachialis, triceps brachii and the pronator teres. The first group will allow the flexion of your elbows, the second group allows the extension at the elbows, and the last of the three triceps groups, allows for the flexion at the elbows and power and motion of the forearms. Once you know how to train all these three groups you will know how to exercise your triceps properly.

If you want to increase your triceps size, the best exercises are those that use your bodyweight. These exercises are highly important, since they will train all the three muscle groups of your triceps. They are: triceps version dips, bench dips, and close triceps position pushups. The triceps version dips consist of simple body movements. You will have to keep the body straight up and down. What is most important for this type of exercise is not to lean over, because you will not be working your triceps, you will only work on your lower chest.

The easiest exercises are of course the bench dips, because all you have to do is to lower your body by bending the elbows, until the upper arms will create a right angle with the forearms. The last type of these exercises is the simple regular pushup. The only difference from the traditional exercises will be that your hands will be placed side by side, in a diamond shape.

You can also increase your triceps size by using dumbbells. There are several exercises that you can do with a dumbbell, but there are three that can really make a noticeable difference.

The seated triceps press is probably the best exercises of this type you can do. Sit firmly on your back on a bench, grasp one end of a dumbbell with both of your hands, and raise it above your head. When you do the lying dumbbell triceps extension, you lie down on your back, positioning your head right at the end of the bench. After that, take a dumbbell and lower it until it will reach the behind of your head, and then lift it slow to the initial position.

Another type of triceps exercises is the tate press. This is very common since it does not require too much time. All you have to do is to lay on a bench, a flat one of course, with a dumbbell in each of your hands. Then, you must extend your arms until they are straight but without moving your elbows and upper arms. Go slow up, lower the dumbbells down to the chest and done.

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