Tricep Toning Exercises

It could be said that the idea of toning your muscles is a myth.  I guess it would depend on how you define the word.  To some, the word tone describes the state or condition of your muscles.  When you sleep, your muscles partially contract in an effort to be ready for action.  Under this interpretation you canít change the tone of your muscles by exercise or lifting weights.

Throughout the years, people have given the word ďtoneĒ a new definition.  Now itís associated with the act of growing larger or stronger.  However, if your goal is to bring your muscles into view while decreasing weight then you are simply loosing body fat.  For example, someone might say that they want to tone the back side of their arms and express that they will do tricep exercises.  Exercising triceps is of course a good thing to do but its purpose is to get rid of the fat surrounding your arms.  Reducing your calories, lifting weights, and doing some cardio can help you loose body fat.  So you can see clearly why there are conflicting opinions in regards to toning.

Perhaps a better phrase for exercise would be considered strength training.  You exercise for two reasons: one to lose body fat and two to strengthen muscles.  Strength training will help you to build muscle, strengthen muscles and connective tissue, preserve muscle mass, build stronger bones, improve flexibility and balance, improve stability, and feel better about yourself over all.

One thing that people must recognize when it comes to losing under arm flab is that it wonít happen through spot training.  In other words, you canít do tricep exercises expecting to lose the overall fat.  Losing body fat as a whole is the solution.  However, strength training will help to build the muscle and even help raise your metabolism.  In this aspect, tricep exercises will help trim the fat when done along with a regular exercise routine.

There are several great exercises developed specifically to be added to your routine and giving focus to your tricep area.  Tricep kick backs are done with dumbbells.  Straddle your feet front to back for support.  When youíre working on your left arm, the right leg should be in the front position and vice versa.  The arm should be positioned parallel to the floor and bent at a 90 degree angle at the elbow.  Slowly extend the arm backward by moving it at the joint and being sure to keep the upper arm stable.  Hold briefly then return to the starting position and repeat.

Home exercises arenít as difficult as one would think.  The tricep dip can be easily done with two strong surfaces used to hold your bodyweight.  You can use such things as two tables, two chairs, or any two other things of equal height.  Hold yourself at arms length and then lower your body slowly.  When youíve reached the bottom reverse, raising your body to the starting position and repeat.

Close grip push ups are also easy to do from home.  It is also an essential exercise for strengthening your triceps.  This exercise is similar to the close grip bench press.  Position yourself on your hands and knees.  Place your hands 6 to 8 inches apart.  With your arms straight put your feet out straightening your body.  Then, slowly lower your body toward the floor.  Now reverse and pull yourself upward.  Once you developed this exercise with ease you can add weight to your back providing a more worthy challenge.

Lying tricep are the most significant in stretching tricep exercise because they offer the most stimulation and muscle growth.  You can make weights for this exercise by filling a couple empty bottles.  Lie down with your foot firmly on the floor.  Slightly tilt your arms back behind the top of your head.  Keep your elbows steady and lower the weight down to your forehead and back up again.  This exercise can vary when youíve become accustomed to it.  However, the beginner will find each of these exercises healthy additive to their exercise routine.

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