Increase Your Tricep Flexibility

Flexibility is defined as a joint's ability to move, without restriction, through a full and normal range of motion without discomfort or pain.  Increasing your tricep flexibility with reduce the chance of injuring the muscle, allowing you to exercise effectively.  Try to incorporate a few of these exercises both before and after your workout to gain the most additional flexibility.  Many tricep flexibility exercises can be done without any additional equipment. 

A very simple, but effective exercise to increase your flexibility and stretch the triceps begins with you standing and both of your arms over your head.  Gently grab your right elbow with your left hand.  As you pull your elbow, slide your palm down your back.  This is a great exercise because it can be done anywhere.

A similar exercise also begins in the standing position.  Bring your left arm up and placing the palm of your hand in the center of your back with your elbow in the air. Place your right hand on your elbow and gently holding the arm in place, stretch your left arm as far as you can.  Try to hold the position for at least 15 seconds and build up towards 30 seconds.  Then switch and do the same exercise with your right arm.

An interesting way to gain flexibility is by using an exercise ball and dumbbells.  This exercise is also referred to as a static stretch.  In addition to adding flexibility to your bicep, this exercise also works the chest and shoulders.  You begin by lying on the exercise ball (or stability ball) with both shoulder blades on the ball and a dumbbell in each hand. Let your arms fall to the side and allow the weight of the dumbbells to stretch your arms and triceps.  Try to hold the position for 20 seconds.  Rest for 30 seconds and then repeat the exercise.

This next exercise will not only add flexibility to your tricep but will also benefit your shoulders.  Pull your left elbow behind your head using your right hand.  In this exercise you pull hard and put a lot of pressure on the muscles, you can often feel your muscles getting longer.  You should continue pulling until you feel just a little pain.  Hold the position for 10 – 15 seconds.

There are also similar tricep flexibility exercises which can be done while sitting.  Usually you wouldn’t be able to achieve the same benefits as with standing exercises since it is difficult to add the same amount of pressure on the triceps.  With your left hand behind your head, reach down as far as possible.  Grasp your left elbow with your right hand and pull it as far as possible without hurting yourself.  Switch arms and repeat the exercise.

A similar sitting flexibility stretch for the tricep begins with you sitting on the floor or mat with your legs crossed.  Move your right arm to the side of your head, next to your right ear and bend your elbow.  With your left hand, grab your right elbow and gently push your elbow towards your back.  You reverse arms and repeat the stretch to gain flexibility in both triceps.

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