Improving Your Tricep Flexibility

Stretching exercises are an important part of any workout routine.  They offer you freedom of movement and are a significant way to improve your flexibility.  However, they are not very beneficial in building endurance or strength.

Stretch exercises are a great way to end your regular exercise routine and should be done each day you work out.  If, for some reason, you are unable to tolerate an endurance or strength training routine; stretches should be done at least three times a week at 20 minute intervals.  Do the stretches to their fullest potential without causing unnecessary discomfort.

Even stretches require you to spend a few minutes warming up prior to the routine.  If youíre doing them in addition to strength or endurance training then youíve already had a sufficient warm up.  However, if you are doing them as the primary exercise routine itís suggested that you spend a few minutes with some stimulating movement.

It is of key importance that stretching never cause pain. If it hurts then you are simply stretching too far and need to decrease the potential.  Always make slow and steady movements.  Shifting into position can easily cause muscles to tighten which can cause possible damage.

Always allow for flexibility during stretches.  Never lock your joints.  Although your knees and arms should be straight there should be a tiny amount of bend in the joints.

Begin your stretching workout plan with a low intensity.  As you progress you can intensify the routine.  To begin, each exercise should be done three to five times.  Slowly move the stretch into the desired position and hold for 10 to 30 seconds.  Relax, then repeat the exercise extending the stretch slightly further.

A unique and effective stretching exercise for the triceps can actually be done using a towel.  Hold one end of the towel with one hand.  Raise and bend the arm so that you are able to drape the towel down your back.  Keeping your arm in position, use your other hand to reach behind your lower back and grab the bottom of the towel.  Move your lower hand progressively up the towel.  This will pull your upper hand downward.  Continue the process until your hands touch or as close to the position as you can without causing discomfort.  Reverse the positions.  Repeat the stretch three to five times.  This is a simple exercise for improving flexibility in your triceps.

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