Avoiding Injury During Tricep Exercise

Tricep injury is becoming increasingly common in the gym and can be a serious matter.  Itís most likely to occur when the tricep area has been placed under pressure which itís not normally accustomed to.  However, using strict techniques will help you avoid injury.  One of the easiest and most effective preventatives is to spend at least five minutes warming up before you began your routine.

Lying tricep extensions are one of the most significant exercises in building your triceps.  Unfortunately, it is also a common contributor to tears in the lower tricep in the area of your elbow.  Lifting weights often causes your elbows to turn outward.  To avoid injury you should direct your elbows toward your hips.  If this seems to be difficult decreasing the weight is likely to resolve the problem.

Tricep dips are most likely to cause shoulder injuries.  However, it isnít unlikely that your tricep could suffer.  To prevent these injuries, keep the bars no more than five inches away from your hips.  Secondly, when dipping, donít go too far down.  This will eliminate any damaging strain.

Close grib bench presses can cause injury due to the strain of the weight if not lifted properly.  Your arms should be straight up when lying on the bench and caution should be again given to the direction of your elbows.  Remember to keep them tucked in.

Extension exercises using cable push dows are probably the safest of all triceps exercises.  Only on rare occasions will anyone suffer an injury but it is possible if your elbows arenít positioned correctly.

Dumbell extensions can cause significant strain to your neck and triceps.  Posture is important with these exercises.  Your upper arm must also be vertical leaving the only part to move to be your elbows.  Do not allow the weight pull your arm across the back of your neck.

There are two types of tricep injury.  A tricep muscle tear will most often be recognized by feeling a pop and immediate pain during movement.  Shortly after, your muscle will become weak.  Itís important to discontinue the workout right away and consult a doctor.  Neglecting potential treatment can cause greater damage and may lead to surgery.  Tricep tenonitis is caused by continual strain.

There are some common methods to aid in tricep injury but should only be used in conjunction with a doctors recommendation.  Using an ice pack will help to reduce swelling and should be carried out during resting periods.  Anti-inflammatory medication may also be suggested by the physician.  Braces are often used to wrap the lower tricep to help relieve discomfort and protect it from any farther damage.  Finally, a doctor may recommend surgery if there is evidence that a tricep tendon has been ruptured.  In the case of surgery itís always good to get a second opinion.  In most conditions involving injury some rehabilitation is likely to be necessary but should be supervised under the careful instruction of a professional.

Remember, the best option you have in prevention is following the tips on the safety mentioned.  Exercising is only beneficial to those who use caution and care with their workout routine.

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