Strength Training Your Triceps

Swimmers are truly athletic people and to be competitive in their sport they need to be in excellent condition. We can gain much insight from them in how to develop a strength training program that will keep our own body at its peak. Your body as a whole needs to be included in any form of training. For swimmers, every part of their form seems to be incorporated into the sport.

Our main focus here is in strength training the triceps. However, given the importance of other target areas it would only be fair to mention some methods to justify their importance. For instance: the significance of the abdominals. A couple of great exercises for keeping them fit and build muscle mass are abdominal crunches and sit ups. These work several areas of the body but their primary focus is on your abdominals and whether you’re simply firming up those ab muscles or proposing a weight loss goal, these exercises are a huge benefit to your training program. Squats and lifts will also help to keep your body in top shape.

Since we’re focusing, in this article, on training the triceps; we’ll address this area in a more informative manner. Most exercises incorporated into your upper body workout are beneficial to your tricep area. While many individuals involved in athletics make significant use of the gym, these particular exercises are easily maintained from any location.

Push ups are an all time favorite for toning the body and it would be quite safe to say they make an extreme impression on the tricep region. There are several variations of the exercise you can use which will tone specific areas. One typical idea is shifting the weight of your body toward one shoulder or the other. This intensifies the effect of the original exercise.

It goes without saying that tricep dips naturally isolate the triceps and work them fully. These can be done using one or two chairs depending on the level you want to have your feet at. You can start with one chair, keeping your feet on the floor and lowering your body downward. Hold your body position just before reaching the floor then return to the beginning position. You may also perform this same style of exercise by changing the level of your feet. Bringing in another chair you can set your feet level with your hands for one set and raise them above your hands for a separate set. Each level is likely to have a different effect.

Swimmers sometimes use medicine balls in their training. These aren’t bulky or costly so adding them to your home training program would not be a hindrance. While they are not necessary they do bring a unique flavor to your training experience. Dumbbells are often used in strength training routines. Using them to perform various shoulder lifts will build you arms more intensely. Tricep extensions are also extremely worthwhile. To make it interesting athletic swimmers perform these exercises balancing against an exercise ball. These are much bigger than the medicine ball.

There are many creative and convenient ways to develop an efficient strength training program. For many, making time for the gym is extremely difficult. Now, they don’t have to.

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