Strength Training Female Triceps

Strength training is defined as being a type of exercise which requires your muscles to work against some form of resistance. Weights are commonly used for this purpose strength training is usually implemented only 2 or 3 times in a week for a period of about 20 minutes. Though some may think this period of time is too little demanding more out of your body could cause it to strain and possibly leave you with a set back or injury.

One of the key factors of strength training is that it is the quickest way to increase muscle mass and endurance. This increase allows the tasks of everyday life to be achieved easily with little effort. It also keeps the muscles healthy so that aging has little effect. Resistance training also provides benefits with circulation, balance, stability, bone and ligament strength.

It may be said that strength training isnít appropriate for woman as their muscles may form in a bulging manner and they are more likely  to suffer injury. This is completely untrue. In fact it is more difficult for woman to develop large muscles because their bodies produce high levels of estrogen. However, training is beneficial to them in regards to durability and strength.

As with any form of exercise routine itís best to warm up before beginning your training session. This helps ready the joints and decreases the risk of cramping and injury. Even warm up stretches must be done appropriately. Only stretch until you feel slight tension.

Proper alignment of your body is crucial component of training. Feet should always be shoulder length apart and your knees should only be slightly bent. Two things to remember in regards to movement, keep it slow and controlled. Breathing has its own technique in strength training. Always inhale at the beginning of a lift and exhale during the release of the weight. You may sit or stand during training. The essential rule is to strengthen, not strain.

While we are focusing on our triceps keeping the surrounding areas fine tuned is also important. Your shoulders are an important part of arm movement and therefore have a strong effect on your triceps. Side shoulder raises and front shoulder raises are of course very similar. With each you begin with your arms hanging in front of your thighs. Your elbows should be bent slightly and the palms of your hands should be facing each other. With the side shoulder raise you raise both dumbbells outward to shoulder height making sure your elbows stay slightly bent. With the front shoulder raise you only bring one dumbbell in front of you at the same height than, lower, alternating arms.

The upright vow exercise is also beneficial to the shoulder area. You begin in the same position as with the shoulder raises but your palms should face your thighs with the dumbbells held close together. Raise the dumbbells to your chin keeping your palms close to your body. Lower the dumbbells and repeat.

Focusing on the triceps is our significant part of the routine. One arm dumbbell tricep curls concentrate directly on this area. While standing hold the dumbbell in one hand, slowly raise it over your head to armís length, keeping your upper arm close to your head. Slowly lower it in a semicircular motion behind your head until your forearm touches your biceps. Return to starting potion and alternate arms.

The tricep dips works well for either gender. In a sitting potion hold your hands next to your hips. Bring your hips to the front of the bench and bend your elbows. They should go no lower than 90 degree. Push yourself back up but do not lock your elbow. This exercise can also be done with weights.

Alternated dumbbell presses benefit your deltoids. Raise the dumbbells to the height of your shoulder. Palms and elbows must be directed inward. Lift one dumbbell straight up at the full length of your arm. Lower to beginning potion and alternate arms.

These are just a few of the exercises woman can utilize into their strength training. Itís best to have a variety and alternate theme periodically for your triceps and surrounding areas to be fully benefited.

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