Intermediate Level Tricep Workout Routine

By now you have put several months into the beginner’s workout program.  You’ve learned how to do some core lifting exercises.  You’ve developed them appropriately and with ease.  Your body has increased in strength and durability and your ready to take it to the next level of intensity.

The workout you’re grown accustomed to is now likely to be loosing some of the familiar effect and you find a need for something more challenging and offering more stimulation.  What you need to recognize now is that improvement will take even more intense work than it had before.  Because of this you’ll be working your muscles with more intensity therefore you’ll require more down time in between.  Lowering your workout program to three times a week will provide your body with enough time in between to recuperate.  Your new workout  program will focus on a primary muscle group on each of these days which will allow each group one week of recovery before the next session is in place.

These rules are not set in stone.  As you become more experienced with your new level of training you’ll be able to redesign your program to better suit your individual needs.  However the program described here will give you a basis to build on and is equipped to build your body as a whole.

Most often people will choose Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for their workout routine.  Those are the days we’ll use here as a format to follow.  For Mondays’ routine you may choose to work your chest, triceps, and shoulders.  This seems to be suitable for working your body throughout the week from top to bottom.  Your upper chest area will be at its peak by doing such exercises as the incline dumbbell press.  Dumbbell bench presses are also sufficient for building the midsection of your chest area.  To work the lower area of your chest you might find decline bench presses work nicely into your routine.

The triceps are equally important to your body’s buildup.  Dips are promised to offer a little challenge at the intermediate level and can be done in various forms.  However, presses and pull-downs can always work your tricep areas into top form.  Significantly, there are some presses that integrate the shoulders along with the triceps.  While the lateral isolation exercise should be used at some time to focus on the shoulder area individually, integrating a press or two will do no harm.

Wednesdays would be our day for focusing on the back, biceps, and forearms.  This is necessary for two reasons.  One, to generate health and fitness throughout the body and secondly, to allow your upper body to recover form Mondays’ workout routine.

Many back exercises effect various parts of the body.  Deadlifts  not only build the back muscles but also work the hamstrings, calves, and glutes.  They are definitely a healthy addition to any workout routine.

Many of the bicep exercises are isolation exercises but they are no less necessary in your workout routine.  Dumbbell bicep curls and hammer curls are two of these isolated exercises.  Tour forearms will also find benefit with an isolated style such as the barbell wrist curl.

By Friday your upper body may be feeling slightly sore.  This is a good time to focus on the lower body, significantly the legs.  Your legs have several areas to concentrate on.  Keeping them strong and stable benefits your body as a whole.  Leg extension exercises are an excellent source for building your quads.  Leg curls and stretches help to tone your hamstrings.  Finally we reach the calves which are actually equipped with two muscles.  The gastronemius calf muscle forms firmly with the standing calf raise exercise.  However, the seated calf raise is as efficient for the soleus muscle.

As you progress you are bound to make shifts in this exercise plan.  You’ve had the sense and longevity to make it this far, I have no doubt you’ll ace this level as well.

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