Beginners Tricep Workout Plan

Many people take the idea of exercise impulsively and expect immediate results.  The fact is there is a correct method to introducing your body to a workout plan.  This is necessary significantly because jumping into a routine with your eyes closed can cause more damage than good.

There are basic principles you should follow:

1.)  Exercises should be performed with correct positioning.  This helps to tone the correct muscle area and prevents any potential injury.

2.)  Exercises should be done at a slow to moderate speed so that you are always able to maintain control of the weight or other apparatus you may be using.

3.)  At the peak of any movement, when you feel the muscle contract, you should hold the position for a second but not longer than this.  Your purpose is to tone and not to strain.

4.)  All sets should be completed.

5.)  Take a full day of rest in between workouts.

6.)  As you become used to working out switch exercises regularly.

7.)  Always warm up prior to beginning your workout.

8.)  Keep your workout routine no longer than 30 minutes long.  Two hours per week is substantial for the novice.


Deciding whether your goal is to benefit weight loss or build muscle will help you create a suitable routine. No program is designed to suit everyone. This is why you will be likely to make adjustments as you develop. Another thing to keep in mind before developing a routine is your age. Itís suggested that individuals over 40, consult their physician. You must also be prepared to commit to at least 3 consecutive months of training. Unfortunately, many people give up too easily. Sometimes they are simply unmotivated, while other times they give up because they set unrealistic goals and became disappointed. You really need to put three months of consecutive training under your belt before you can expect to see or feel significant results.

Most often bodybuilders group areas of their body to create a particular muscle group. For instance, you may be likely to include your chest area in a routine which also focuses on your triceps. Each major muscle group should be worked into the weekly routine to allow balance within the body.

The Suggested Workout

Your chest and triceps are often combined into a one day routine.  Itís suggested that you do one superset to tone your chest area.  First, you should perform two sets of bent arm flies to warm up.  The superset should include flat bench flies, incline flies, or seated flies (depending on which style you warmed up with).  Immediately following the set you should do one set of either flat bench presses, incline bench presses, or decline bench presses.

Choose one exercise to tone your triceps.  However, since this is your main interest area, adding another exercise as you become adjusted to the routine isnít likely to do any harm.  Youíll be able to understand your bodyís response and needs within a few weeks of starting the plan.

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