Tricep Curls

Tricep curls are a great exercise which can provide a few different benefits.  This exercise can strengthen or tone your triceps and helps reduce any flab under your arm.   Tricep curls are often used as part of a woman’s basketball strengthening exercise program.  As with many other tricep exercises, these routines tend to use weights.

The first exercise uses a table for leverage and dumbbells.  Grab the weight with your left hand and your right arm at your side.  Bend your knees, lean forward and rest your elbow on the table.  Bend your left arm 90 degrees then straighten the arm behind you.  Hold this position for 3 seconds then slowly bend you arm back to 90 degrees.  You should do about 5 repetitions before switching arms.  Your routine should include 2 or 3 sets.  You can increase the benefits by bending and straightening your arm real slowly or by adding additional weight.

Standing with your feet spread about 16 inches and holding a barbell in both hands with your hands facing downward is the starting position for this next tricep curl.  Lift the bar overhead and straighten your arms.  Then, slowly lower the barbell while making semi circular motion.  Continue until your forearms touch your biceps.  Keep your arms as close to the sides of your head as possible.  Return the barbell to the starting position.  Continue for approximately 5 repetitions.

There is also a lying tricep curl exercise which uses barbells.  While lying on a bench, hold the barbell with both hands, leaving about 6 inches between them with an upward grip.  As you push the bar upwards, extend your arms till they are straight, with the bar above your shoulders.  As you lower the bar, move the bar in a semi- circle, from your shoulders to your forehead.  Be sure to bend your elbows as you bring the bar back to the starting position.

This next exercise only utilizes one arm with the dumbbell.  Stand with your legs slightly bent and about as wide as your hips.  Hold the dumbbell in one hand and raise it straight up, keeping your arm close to your ear.   Then, bend your elbow and lower the weight behind you.  Bring your arm back to where it started.  To restrict arm movement and provide greater concentration to the tricep, use your free hand to steady your other arm.  Try to do 8 – 10 repetitions before switching arm positions.

A pronated tricep curl also uses a single dumbbell.  Before starting this exercise, ensure the dumbbell collars are secure since there will be a significant amount of movement with the dumbbells.  As you lie on a bench, place 1 dumbbell in your left hand and move your arm right over your shoulder.  You hands should be facing up.  With your upper arm straight, lower your left hand and bring it towards your right shoulder, trying to make a 90 degree angle.  Your arm should not cross your body or extend out towards the side.  Try to do a series or 6 to 8 complete movements to complete the set and then switch arms.

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