Overhead Cable Extension

There is no doubt that muscular arms are becoming a greater desire.  When you consider that your triceps make up the biggest percentage of your arm size, itís understandable that keeping them in excellent shape is important.  For this reason many people include isolation exercises in their training routines to specifically benefit their triceps.  Tricep extensions are one variation of these isolation exercises.

Overhead cable extensions are done in a standing position with your body facing away from the pulley.  Put an end of the rope in each hand with your elbows bent and your hands positioned above your head.  Begin the exercise by bending forward at the waist then slowly extend your arms until they are parallel with the floor.  This is a full motion exercise so donít lock your arms.  Bring the rope back to the starting position by returning your hands back above your head.

Cable lying extensions are similar to the overhead.  Position yourself on the bench so that your head is even with the edge.  Grasp the bar with an overhand grip, extending your arms over your forehead.  Bend your elbows bringing the bar downward until it is positioned just above your forehead.  Extend your arms pushing the bar upwards then return to the starting position.

Standing overhead barbell extensions are also similar to overhead cable extensions.  Holding the barbell with an overhand grip; raise it above your head, fully extending your arms.  Slowly lower the bar behind your head until your forearms touch your biceps.  Raise the bar back up over your head and return to the starting position.  You can change this exercise with the use of a bench at an incline position.

Kneeling cable extensions follow the same type of pattern.  Kneel down supporting your upper body on a bench.  This eliminates the amount of muscle being used for more stability.  Hold the straight bar, attached to the pulley, with an overhand grip.  Position your hands about 6 inches apart.  Holding the bar above your head and kneeling with your face directed away from the pulley, allow the bar to come behind your head until your forearms and biceps touch.  Then, push the bar forward straightening your arms completely and return to the starting position.

These are some great isolation exercises for the triceps.  If done properly and intelligently they will aid in developing the finely formed arms of your desire.

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