Tricep Pushups

Tricep pushups are a great exercise to build your triceps without the need for expensive apparatus or health club fees.  You can do these exercises either at home or while traveling.  With tricep pushups, your hands need to be closer together than regular pushups.  This shifts the focus of the exercise from the chest to your triceps.  There are a few different types of tricep pushups with slightly different body position and even one-armed pushups.

The traditional tricep pushup begins with you prone on the ground with your hand close together.  Lower your body towards the ground, ensuring your elbows remains in.  Your legs should be straight and you are also supported by your toes.  This will focus the tension on your triceps.  If your elbows flare out, your pectoral muscles will do more work than your triceps.  Push up to the position you began.  As with regular pushups, you will build your stamina and increase the number of pushups you can perform.

A slight variation of this exercise is with your hands flat on the floor and your thumbs facing each other, almost touching.  This makes it a little more difficult to keep your body straight but places even more emphasis on your triceps.  The remainder of the exercise is the same as a traditional tricep pushup.

Tricep pushups can also be done from the kneeling position.  Many people believe this reduces the stress on your back but will also reduce the benefits for your triceps.  Kneel on the floor with both of your hands flat against the floor and directly underneath your shoulders.  Your head and neck should be in a straight line with your body and your eyes facing down at the floor.  As you lower yourself towards the floor, bend your elbows and keep going till right before you touch the floor.  Exhale as you push back up to the starting position.

Another alternative is the one-armed tricep pushup.  This exercise concentrates even more of the pressure on your tricep and you receive significantly more benefits for your tricep.  To begin one-armed tricep, place your left arm around your torso so its positioned on your right waist.  Some people prefer to place their opposite arm over their backs.  As you push your body up, squeeze your tricep to add additional resistance.  Continue for 10 12 reps and then switch arms and repeat the exercise to complete the set.  Most exercise routines would incorporate 2 - 3 sets.

A variation of the one-arm tricep pushup is done while sitting and with a dumbbell.  While sitting on a bench with the dumbbell in your right hand, raise your right arm overhead to a straight position.  As you lower the dumbbell behind your head, use a semicircular movement until your forearm and bicep meet.  Then, return the barbell to the starting position.  As you raise the dumbbell inhale and exhale as you lower the dumbbell.  After completing your series, switch to your left arm and repeat the exercise.

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