Single Arm Pullover

Pullover exercises are great for increasing strength.  They are also significant for building flexibility.  The single arm pullover can be done by resting your back flat against the bench in the lying position.  Bending your knees will help prevent your back from arching.  Hold the dumbbell in a single hand, pointing it upward.  With your free hand, grip the inside of your elbow for stability.  Raise your arm until it is fully extended then lower to the starting position and repeat.  Another description of the exercise describes lowering the dumbbell to the floor by flexing your elbow and extending your shoulder in unison.

The straight arm pullover is similar to the single arm exercise.  It begins with identical positioning however in this exercise, you hold the dumbbell with one fist right next to the other then straighten and extend your arms directly above your chest.  Slowly lower the dumbbell directly above your head then extend over the chest area and repeat.

Another variation of this exercise is the bent arm pullover.  You do this exercise lying face up on the bench and anchoring your feet securely underneath.  Space your hands twelve inches apart on the barbell up over your head and lower it slowly until it touches the floor, keeping your arms bent.  Extend it to the bottom then bring it up toward your chest and face.  Repeat.

Dumbbell pullovers are started in the same position.  Grab the dumbbell with both hands, palms inward.  Extend your arms at full length over your chest with your elbows slightly bent.  Begin lowering the dumbbell, dropping your hips toward the floor.  Keep your hips at a lower level while returning to the starting position.  Dropping your hips is important in order to feel the stretch.

Itís easy to see how these exercises can build various muscles.  However, what is essential is their ability to build strength and flexibility in your triceps.  You can develop these exercises by adding weight and creating your own variations as you become more experienced with your routine.  Remember that youíre meant to feel the stretch but itís not to be accompanied with discomfort.

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