The Best Tricep Exercises

There are numerous exercises available for working your triceps.  Gym equipment, in some form, is required to perform a few exercise types but many can be adapted for home usage.  Press exercises often require some form of equipment.  These types of exercises provide your triceps with essential benefits and are well worth a trip to the gym.  Tricep Push Downís (Pressdown) are one of the best in this particular style.  Youíll need a high cable machine with a straight bar for this particular exercise.  Grab the bar with an overhand grip keeping your hands about ten inches apart.  Your back and head must be straight and your elbows should be tucked in close to your body.  Press down the bar until you feel your triceps contract fully.  Release, let the bar come back up without moving your elbows.  Also, keep your wrist straight throughout the exercise.  You can add variety to your exercise by changing the bar or the way you grip it.

The lying tricep extension (skull crusher) can easily be done at home if you have a barbell available.  This exercise is usually done on a bench but it can also be done on the floor.  Lie down with your feet firmly on the floor.  The weight should be up behind the top of your head with your arms slightly tilted.  Lower the weight slowly down past your forehead then back up again.  To increase the intensity, stop short of the vertical position and hold before finishing.

One arm tricep extensions can be done easily with the use of dumbbells.  In the sitting position, take one dumbbell and hold it over your head with one arm extended.  Your elbows should be steady and close to your head.  Lower the dumbbell slowly behind your head and hold for one second before returning to the starting position.  Once youíve finished the set, alternate arms.  There are several other extension exercises for toning your triceps.  Exercises such as overhead tricep extensions can be done without any need for any other equipment other than dumbbells.  Angled and overhead extensions also can be done using a cable machine.

Tricep kickbacks seem to be a popular choice in toning your triceps.  You can do these by either bending over a weight bench or other level surface then place on hand on the surface and hold a dumbbell hanging straight down.  Keeping your elbow steady is important for getting the proper effect.  While keeping it steady press the weight backward slowly just until your forearm is parallel to the floor.  If done properly you should feel your tricep muscle contract.  Lower the weight to the starting position.

Tricep dips are also popular among body building enthusiasts.  In the gym they can be done by using a parallel dip bar.  At home a variation of the exercise can be done which works one tricep and then the other.  Itís called the one arm tricep dip.  Itís done by sitting on the floor and having your feet and legs pressed together Your knees should be bent and your feet direct to the floor.  Put your hands about 12 inches apart on your butt about shoulder length apart.  Your fingers should be pointing toward your butt.  Bend one elbow and lower yourself toward the floor without actually touching the floor.  Hold the position briefly then return to the starting position.  Repeat the routine on the alternate side.

You may also do behind the back dips.  You can actually do these using two chairs.  Place your hands on one chair behind your back and put your heels up on another chair.  Lower your body as close to the floor as possible without actually touching the floor.  You should be able to feel your triceps contract.  You can add weight for a more intense effect but only if youíre experienced in the routine.

Stretches are also beneficial for the routine.  Some people choose to do these prior to the actual workout as a form of working up.  Youíll likely adjust the routine to suit you as you progress.

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