Tricep Dumbbell Exercises

Many of the tricep exercises are used to build mass on your arms.  Therefore, you’ll often find dumbbells included in tricep exercises to increase the pressure and target the triceps.  This is especially true if you want to build big triceps.  Some of the tricep exercises which incorporate dumbbells include tricep curls and lying tricep extensions.  Dumbbells are also common with tricep toning exercises. 

The lying tricep extension begins with lying on a bench with each hand using an overhand grip to hold the dumbbells.  Fully extend your arms over your head. Bend your elbows to lower both dumbbells until they are next to the side of your head, coming close to touching your forehead.  Use your tricep muscles to lift the dumbbells back to the beginning position.  Repeat the movements until you complete your set.  Also, make sure your elbows stay in as you go through the exercise.

This one armed tricep curl exercise also utilizes the additional benefits of a dumbbell.  Begin standing with your legs slightly bent and about as wide as your hips.  Raise the arm holding the dumbbell straight up, keeping your arm close to your ear.   Bend your elbow and lower the weight behind you.  Bring your arm back to where it started.  To restrict arm movement and provide greater concentration to the tricep, use your free hand to steady your other arm. 

Women use many of the same exercises as men, including dumbbell tricep exercises.  One tricep curl exercise popular with women starts with holding a dumbbell in each hand.  Let your arms hang to each side and your palms facing away from your body.  Bring both dumbbells up towards your shoulders while keeping your elbows close to your side.   Lower the dumbbells and repeat the curl.

The dumbbell decline tricep extension begins with you on a declining bench with your head lower than your feet.  With a dumbbell in each hand, extend your arms.  Bend your elbows while lowering the dumbbells until they touch your shoulders.  Extend your arms and repeat for 12 – 15 reps. Make sure you elbows are pointed up or slightly back as you progress through the routine.

The tricep kickback exercise begins with you kneeling on a bench with your left leg and also holding the dumbbell in your left hand.  Look forward and keep your back straight and the weight at a 90 degree angle.  Extend the dumbbell while keeping your elbow still.

Dumbbells are very common with tricep toning exercises... One toning exercise for your triceps begins with you straddling a bench with a dumbbell in your left hand and your right leg in front of you.  For additional support, move your right arm onto your leg.  With your left arm parallel to the floor, bend your elbow about 90 degrees.  Keep your upper arm steady and extend your arm towards your back without locking your elbow.  Slowly return to the beginning position and repeat for 10 – 12 repetitions to complete the set and then switch arm and leg positions

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