Tricep Toning Exercises

Tricep toning exercises can be used by both weight trainers and body builders.  This is also important for people with flabby arms, which tends to happen to many women as they get older. Losing fat takes a three prong approach, healthy low calorie diet, regular cardio exercise and strength training. Since the body draws energy from all parts of the body, itís not possible to target fat in one particular area.  Due to hormonal and genetics, womenís buttocks, hips and thighs donít tend to respond as quickly as their upper body to muscle toning exercises. This makes tricep toning exercises very effective for flabby arms. 

One interesting tricep toning exercise is the standing tricep kickback. You will need to have a pair of dumbbells. Your feet should be fairly wide spread with a dumbbell in your left hand and your right foot in front of you.  Lean forward with your right knee bent while supporting yourself with your right hand on your right thigh. Your left elbow should be bent and facing back.  The dumbbell should be in your hand as your knuckles point towards the ground. As you straighten your left arm behind your, youíll feel your tricep tense. You should do 15 to 20 repetitions and then switch with the dumbbell in your right arm.  You should do 2 to 3 repetitions with each arm. Make sure you keep your back straight and avoid jerking your elbow as you straighten each arm.

The supine tricep extension also uses dumbbells as well as an exercise mat. You begin by lying on the exercise mat, feet on the floor with your knees bent. Place one of the dumbbells in your right hand.  Raise the dumbbell straight up and bend your elbow.  To keep your right shoulder steady hold your right tricep with your left hand. The right elbow should be facing the ceiling.  You begin and finish the exercise with your elbow bent.  Squeeze your tricep and you straighten your elbow then slowly bend it.  Keep the weight down so you can complete 12 to 15 repetitions.  You should do at least 2 sets.  Be careful not to lock or jerk your elbow. As you get more comfortable with this exercise and your strength increases, you can do the two arm variation.

Dumbbells are a common theme with tricep toning exercise routines. In this exercise, you straddle a bench with your feet spread wide for support. With a dumbbell in your right hand, place your left leg in the front and move your left arm onto your leg for additional support. With your right arm parallel to the floor, bend your elbow 90 degrees.  Keep your upper arm steady and extend your arm towards your back. Avoid locking your elbow. Slowly return to the beginning position and repeat for 10 to 12 repetitions to complete the set. Switch arm and leg positions to tone your left tricep. You should do 2 or 3 sets to complete the workout.

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