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A home workout plan can be very successful in developing or toning your triceps.  There are many exercises you can do without any or minimal equipment including stretches, pushups, single arm pullovers, lying tricep extensions and exercises with dumbbells.  However, it will be difficult to build big muscles without expensive exercise machines. As with any good tricep exercise session, you should always begin with tricep stretches.

This stretch illustrates the point that many tricep exercises can easily be performed at home.  With a towel in your right hand, raise your arm over your head and toss the other end over your head.  Grab the other end with your left hand.  Slowly move you left hand up the towel which forces your right arm to move lower.  See if your hands can touch. Then reverse hand positions and repeat for about 5 reps. 

Your next exercise can be pushups.  Begin with your hands very close together and up on your toes. The closer your hands are the greater the stress will be on your triceps.  Lower your body towards the ground, ensuring your elbows remains in.  Push up to the position you began.  You can increase the number of pushups every few sessions.

This tricep curl exercise can easily be done at home since it only requires a dumbbell.  Stand with your legs slightly bent and spread as wide as your hips and a dumbbell in your left hand.  Use your free hand to steady the arm, which will ensure the stress is placed on your tricep.  Bend your elbow and lower the weight behind you.  Bring your arm back to where it started.  Incorporate 8 – 10 repetitions before switching arm positions.

This single-arm pullover uses a dumbbell and a bench (or anything you can lie flat on for support).  The dumbbell should be in one hand while you lie face up.  Begin with your arm straight up and your palm directed inward.   Lower the dumbbell in an arch toward the floor and continue flexing your elbow.  Your upper arm will be close your ear.  Pull back as far as you can go without pain, then slowly lift your arm again, making sure to fully extend it. Repeat with your alternate arm.

Most lying tricep extensions require complex exercise machines but this one can be done using dumbbells.  You start by lying face up on the bench with each hand holding a dumbbell.  Use the overhand grip and fully extended over your head with your feet flat on the ground.  Bend your elbows to lower both dumbbells until they are next to the side of your head    Use your tricep muscles lift the dumbbells back to the beginning position. 

It’s also import to do toning exercise and the standing tricep kickback only requires a dumbbell.  Grab the dumbbell in your left hand and place your right foot in front.  Lean forward with your right knee bent while supporting yourself with your right hand on your right thigh.  Your left elbow should be bent and facing back with your knuckles pointing towards the ground.  As you straighten your left arm behind your, you’ll feel your tricep tense.   You should do 15 – 20 reps and then switch for 3 sets.

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