Gym Tricep Workout Plan

Many people have difficulty with the idea of working out in a gym.  Those beginning the process of toning their bodies often have anxiety about feeling intimidated by members.  They are usually insecure about the condition of their form and think they may be embarrassed around others.  However, gyms are a great resource of support.  The encouragement and knowledge you could gain from other members could be extremely beneficial to your workout experience.

Although gyms are equipped with many types of equipment itís best to steer clear of a lot of it if you are just beginning.  Not knowing how to use the equipment properly can cause more damage than good and if you arenít experienced, your body isnít likely to be toned well enough to be able to use the equipment without strain or injury.

Barbell and dumbbells are the most vital equipment a beginner can utilize.  They are great for building muscle mass and will prepare your body for the future when you may advance to more high tech equipment.

While your main focus is on building bigger triceps your must keep in mind that your body is built up with hundreds of muscles and each serves some sort of purpose within your body.  While it is fine to have a significant area of focus, neglecting the rest of the body can be damaging and should be included in any workout plan.

Since the process of this particular workout plan is to build muscle the cardio portion can be limited to one day a week.  Wednesday is a good day to do this since it falls in the center of your workout week.  The rest of the week can be split so that your body gets a good balanced workout while toning and building your tricep area.

Monday should give your chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs a durable workout.  Do four sets of the following exercises at four to six reps:

Finish the routine for the day by adding three sets of crunches at twenty-five reps per set.

Tuesday you should give your body a light workout focusing on your back, biceps, and legs.  Each exercise should be done in four sets of twelve to fifteen reps.  They include:

Wednesday you work your cardio and Thursday your body is ready for another routine involving your chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs.  however, this routine is lighter than the one you experienced on Monday.  This is necessary to prevent overworking a muscle area.  You will need to do four sets of the following at four to six reps:

And finally, three sets at twenty-five reps of hanging leg raises to work your abs.

Friday youíll go back to giving your back biceps, and legs a workout.  However, this workout will be a little heavier than the previous one done on Tuesday.  It should include four sets of four to six reps of the following:

Saturday and Sunday you should rest.  Youíve earned it.  As you become more experienced you can make changes to the plan for your individual benefit.  This may include additional exercises which focus on your triceps.  However, this is a great way to begin your workout experience.

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