Good Workouts for Triceps

A good workout for your triceps begins with tricep stretching exercises, progresses to building up you triceps strength, increasing tricep mass and should also include toning exercises.  Itís good to vary your exercise routines to keep the workout interesting and benefit all three heads of your triceps.

The overhead tricep stretch is often the first stretches people start with.  From a standing position, bend your elbow and reach for the top of your shoulder blade.  As you are touching the shoulder blade, reach over the top of your head and grab the other elbow.  Pull down on the elbow to stretch the tricep.  Continue to pull the elbow harder.  Hold for about 30 seconds and then switch arms. 

The closed grip bench press is a great exercise for building tricep strength.  Your hands are much closer together than a regular bench press, about 18 inches, which shifts the stress to the medial and lateral heads of your triceps.   Lie face up on a flat bench, your feet flat on the floor and spread wide and both hands gripping the barbell as described above.  Slowly lower the barbell to the lower portion of your sternum.  Pause for a second and then slowly lift the barbell back to the starting position.  To build your strength, increase the weights on the barbell and keep the reps lower.

Lying tricep extensions are great for building strength and also developing bigger triceps.  You should be using heavier weights than other tricep exercises and always use a spotter.  Lie on a bench holding an EZ curl bar with an underhand grip.  Your hands need to be close together.  Lift the bar up towards the ceiling until your arms are fully extended.  Slowly lower the bar until it is barely touching your head.  For added benefits, flex the tricep muscle for one or two seconds at the end of each rep.

To build bigger triceps, you should also incorporate tricep pushdowns in your workout.  This exercise focuses on the lateral head of your tricep.  Face a high pulley with the bar even with your chin.  Your hands are close together and your feet about 10 inches apart.  Hold the bar with your palms facing down and your arms at a 90 degree angle.  The bar is pushed down and at the bottom, flexes your tricep.  Your workout will include about 15 reps.

Another great exercise to build bigger triceps are pushups.  With tricep pushups, your hands need to be closer together than regular pushups to shift the stress to your triceps.  .    You begin prone on the ground with your legs straight and also supported by your toes.  Lower your body towards the ground, ensuring your elbows remains in.

Tricep curls are great for building strength and toning.  Stand with your feet spread about 16 inches and hold a barbell.  Lift the bar overhead and straighten your arms.  Then, slowly lower the barbell.  To get even greater benefits, make semi circular motions while lowering the bar.  Continue until your forearms touch your biceps.  Lower the weights to the starting position.  Continue for approximately 5 repetitions.

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