Tricep Workout for Women

Triceps are a womenís baggage area and the bulk of flab that rests there is unattractive.  They arenít ashamed that theyíre there but for most women the embarrassment lays heavy under arm.  There are several exercises a woman can include in her exercise routine which specifically address the tricep area.

Dumbbell kickbacks can be beneficial but keep in mind that your goal is to build the muscle not cause excessive strain which can cause damage, so manage the weights well.  These are good standing exercises.  Bend over slightly and place one arm on your knee.  Hold the dumbbell with your free hand to the side of your hip, just below your upper thigh.  Bend, your elbow toward your body.  Slowly raise your arm behind you in an upward motion.  This straightens your elbows as your arm raises.  Once completely straight, tense your arm, hold then relax.

One arm cable extensions build the muscle with movement rather than weight.  Facing away from cable, grasp the handle with one hand facing away from your torso.  If youíre arm is bent correctly your upper and lower arm will form a perfect triangle shape.  Slowly pull the weight forward and down, straightening the elbow.  Fully extended, squeeze and hold.  Let your upper arm pull backward to the position  you started with then repeat the routine.

Press downs are also done with a cable machine using a small straight bar.  Place both hands on the top of the bar, holding your elbows at your sides.  Slowly straighten your arms in a downward position, tensing your arms as the bar is brought down to your waist.  Slowly return to the beginning position and repeat.

Not everyone has access to extensive gym equipment.  Some effective exercises can be done with a set of hand weights and a jump rope.  Itís recommended that you begin by jumping rope because this will help relax your arms and every good exercise routine should include a warm up.

Aerocross is geared to focus on the shoulder area.  However, it is essential to the toning of your triceps to keep the area around them fit.  With jump rope in hand begin skipping, hopping just enough to allow the rope to swing beneath your feet.  Pick up the rhythm then slowly extend your arms away from your sides as far as possible.  If done Correctly you should be forming big circles.  Continue for 60 seconds.

The aerolean push-up works on the chest, shoulders and tricep areas.  In the push-up position with feet together and hands spaced slightly wider than shoulder length apart, bend your elbows so youíre tilting to the right.  After returning to the center repeat the action  using the left elbow instead.  If the exercise seems difficult you may keep your knees on the floor.

Wrist rotations work the shoulders and lower arms.  Remember in exercising, positioning is important.  In this exercise your feet should be shoulder width apart.  Put a 1 to 2 pound dumbbell in each hand and extend your arms straight ahead with your palms down.  Rotate your wrists inward and then outward.  Repeat for 60 seconds.

If you have a good sturdy table available then floor pull-ups are excellent for working the biceps.  Lie under the table grasping the edge with both hands, palms shoulder length apart and facing inward, pull yourself uo off the floor keeping your abs and neck straight.  Hold this position for one second, lower and repeat.  You may also use a broom handle across two chairs if a table is not available.

One arm tricep dips of course, tone the triceps.  For these you would sit on the floor with your feet held together.  Your knees should be bent with your feet flat on the floor.  Put your hands about 12 inches behind your butt about shoulder length apart with your fingers directed toward your butt.  Your body should be in a raised position, youíll want it lowered until your butt is just above the floor. Straighten one arm then the other, repeat.

These are just some of the exercises that women can use to keep their flab from becoming flustering.  They are combined for home or gym routine which allows east access and convenience for firming your under arm baggage.

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