Tricep Workouts and Exercises

Welcome to Tricep Workout! Your tricep muscle makes up 2/3 of your arm and it is important to train effectively in order to increase your arm size and strength.

This site offers free tricep muscle facts, effective exercises, stretches and recommended tips to get you on the right track of training, toning and building good triceps through your tricep workouts!

Having well toned triceps is important to both men and women.  This website is going to share with you what youíll need to include into your tricep workout to get the best results.

Consistency is important to any form of exercise routine.  Itís best to split the routine you choose so that your working out three or four days of the week with a one day off schedule.

Progression is also important to the routine.  As a tricep routine becomes easier itís important to add a small amount of weight to keep your body working at itís full potential.  Supersets are very effective techniques for training your arms.  Supersets are significant to pairing the biceps and triceps with very little or no rest in between.

Same muscle group supersets work the same muscle in a consecutive or back to back style with no rest in between.  These isolation exercises are extremely sufficient in building target back to back works that muscle to itís highest potential.

Tri sets are three exercises directed for the same muscle and also don consecutively.  For the more advanced trainee, this keeps the workout challenging and productive.

Multi grip tri sets are one example.  You simply select three exercises; each having a different grip such as palms down, palms facing each other and palms up.  Usually you work the weakest grip exercise to the strongest but you can switch these at your leisure for variety or balance in development.  Logically the basic superset would lower your choice of exercises to two with the same concept.

Drop supersets combine the elements of two of the ultimate body building techniques; drop sets and supersets.  For these you need to choose two exercises for the same muscle group.  Perform six to eight reps with no rest in between them.  Quickly lower the amount of weight and repeat the superset twice more.

Pre-exhaust routines have about the same concept as supersets however, the difference is in the types of exercise you choose.  One should be an isolation exercise, while the other needs to be a compound.

One issue of importance before performing any of these sets or routines is obtaining proper training initiatives.  One of the key factors prior to any routine is warming up.  No exercise routine will benefit you if it causes injury.  Remember, safety first.


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